• Grant Garibyan was born in 1988, Severomorsk, Russia. From the age of three he began to show a talent for the fine arts. At the age of eleven, was held the artist's first personal exhibition under the International Foreign Policy Association. Further, Grant runs a number of exhibition projects in Copenhagen, the USA, Moscow and other cities of Russia.

  • In 2005 he has entered the faculty of sculpture in Moscow State university of Art named after Surikov. In 2011 has successfully graduated from the university. In 2012 Grant has joined the Moscow Art Union.

  • In 2016-2019, Grant has been continued his studies at the Academic Workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts under the guidance of A.V. Tsigal. This period was full of work in the portrait genre, the improvement of the skills acquired at the institute and the subsequent development of his own plastic language. During this period several exhibitions were held under the Academy of Arts, where Grant has participated. At the end of the Workshops, he was awarded a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for the series “Portraits of Contemporaries”.

  • Since 2018, the artist has been participating in the workshop of E.V. Semenov named Studio XXI century. A number of works created for these exhibitions have been sold to private collections.

  • Now the artist is working on a series "Beautiful Guy", international projects, monuments for Russian cities, as well as on a series of portraits of his contemporaries. The works are in private collections and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:

1999, International Foreign Policy Association.
2001, The Armenian Embassy, Moscow.
2001, Russian Cultural Centre, Denmark, Copenhagen.
2001, Paradise Gallery, Moscow.
2002, Museum of Saltikov Shedrin, Tver.
2013, “Passion on Paradise”, Moscow.
2015, “Sculpture”, Pavilion of the Grand Manege, Moscow.
2018, “Marginal Moscow 1”, Creative studios of Academy of Arts, Moscow.
2019, “Reflorare Figura”, Zdes na Taganke gallery, Moscow.
2019, “Marginal Moscow” 2, Creative studios of Academy of Arts, Moscow.


2002, International festival of Fine Arts and Music, Moscow.
2002, Museum of Modern Russian Art, exhibition of young artists, Jersey City, USA.
2009, The exhibition of young Russian artist’s, Moscow. 2011, The exhibition of young Russian Art Union, Moscow.
2012, “No Space”, The Gallery of Rukavishnikov, Moscow.
2017, Exhibition in Academy of Arts, Moscow.
2018, Exhibition of sculpture, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Moscow.
2019, “The Binary Nature: Truth and Lie”, moving exhibition in several cities of Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg).
2019, “The Phantom Pain”, Zdes na Taganke gallery, Moscow.
2020, “The Future is Now”, Studio of XXI century, Russia.
2020, “Portal Bon, Solar Future”, Orenburg.
2021, Exhibition in Academy of Arts, Moscow.
2021, “Contemporary Bestiary”, Studio of XXI century, Russia.
2022, "Utopia", Studio of XXI century, Russia.


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